Once you have done the setup of company information and employee information, it is time to continue to the next process: Run Payroll.

To access and start running payroll please follow the guideline as shown below:

Step 1: Create payroll cycle

Step 2: Adjust payroll

Step 3: Review and confirmation

Step 4: View payroll cycle summary and export files & reports

Step 5: Close payroll

Step 1: Create payroll cycle

i) Menu Payroll > Run Payroll

ii) Click "Create New Payroll Cycle" > Select payroll year > Select payroll month > Select employees

iii) Click the button "Create". A new payroll cycle is created.

Step 2: Adjust payroll

  • All the fixed payroll items for the respective employees will auto-populate to the payroll cycle.

  • To add payroll items: Click on the "Add Payroll Item" button > Select the payroll item > Fill up the amount

  • To update or remove payroll items: Click on the pencil icon or dustbin next to it

  • In case, the employee claims optional deductions(tax reliefs) by submitting TP1 Form to the company.  HR can then enter the tax relief amount in the payroll cycle. 

          To add tax relief items: Click on the "Add Tax Relief" button > Select the relief item > Fill up the amount

  • Click the "Proceed to Review" button at the bottom for review and confirmation.

Step 3Review and confirmation

  • Here, it shows a summary of the particular month's payroll. The total headcount, total payout to employees, and total payout of each statutory contribution (EPF, EIS, SOCSO, PCB, and HRDF) can be found here.

  • To return to the previous step and adjust your payroll, click the "Back to Adjustments" button.

  • Click the "Run Payroll" button to finalize and generate payroll-related files.

Step 4: View payroll cycle summary and export files & reports

1) Payroll Report is the overview of salaries and statutory contributions of this payroll cycle. You can download and keep it as a copy.

2) Set your crediting date. Crediting date is the date stipulated to be the payday.

3) Export the bank payment file and statutory files in PDF, excel, and text format. The file format depends on the bank set by the company on the setting page "Company Payroll Information".

4) In case you decide to pay the statutory via the government's portal(LHDN, PERKESO, and KWSP) you may download the individual files here.

5) To check the employees' payslips please switch to the tab "Employee". You can view and download the payslip.

Step 5: Close payroll

After confirming the payroll reports, statutory files, and payslips are correct, you would need to continue to close the payroll. Please click "Close Payroll" at the bottom of the page. Payroll currently at step 3: Cycle summary is not considered as closed/completed.

All past payrolls must be closed 

  • To ensure correct statutory(eg PCB) calculations in the following months.
  • Employees are only able to view & download the payslip after payroll is closed.
  • Only closed payrolls are included in the Yearly forms(E, EA, PCB2 Form).