**Please note that only the admin with the privilege (Manage Company Attendance & Leave) can utilize this feature. Thus it helps the HR or management to build their own attendance culture. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Enter Leave (Pro) screen

Home Screen > Tap on More > Tap on Leave (Pro) > Enter Leave (Pro) screen and tap on Leave (Pro) > Enter Leave (Pro) Form screen

Step 2: Fill up all required fields

i) Select only 1 employee to apply for leave on behalf 

ii) Fill up all the required in the form.

iii) Tap on Submit button to submit the request

iv) After submitting, the leave balance of the employee would be deducted accordingly.

Step 3: Notify employee and view request for employee

i) The employee would receive a push notification that a leave request was submitted.

ii) The leave request would appear at "My Submission” or “CC to Me". 
iii) Tap the request, from the details, the employee will be able to see who had applied for leave on their behalf and the details.