Explanation of each stage:

1) Pending

  • The flow begins when an employee applies for a purchase order or the employee requests from the draft PO request. All the application at this stage is in "Pending" status.
  • On pending status, the requestor still allows modifying the PO details.
  • After modifying, if the requested amount doesn't match with the initial approver(s), the system will update the approver to a new one automatically.


<=MYR 5,000 --> Head of Department, Mr Andrew

>MYR 5,000 --> Manager Tan

The initial requested amount was MYR 4,500. So the approver would be Mr Andrew.

After updating, the requested amount became MYR 5,100. Hence, Manager Tan will replace Mr Andrew as the approver. A notification would be sent to the new approver.

2) Cancelled

  • A requestor can cancel the request if it hasn't been processed by the approver yet. Once canceled, its status would update to "Cancelled".

3) Rejected

  • If the PO request has an issue, the approver shall reject it and the status would change to "Rejected".
  • Once it is in rejected status, the processing is ended here.

4) Approved

  • After the approver approved the PO request, the status was updated to "Approved".
  • If you have 3 levels of an approver, the status would only be converted to "Approved" once all levels of approvers gave the green light.

5) Received

  • Once receiving the goods/services and no any found discrepancies, either the requestor, approver(s), or HR could update the PO request to "Received". They also can attach delivery orders and invoices from the supplier. 

6) Pending for Payment

  • After that, notify Finance to proceed with the payment. To do so, please click "Pending For Payment".

7) Paid

  • After Finance(with Manage Procurement Payment privilege) has authorized the invoice and made the payment, either Finance or HR shall carry on to mark the PO request as "Paid". Hence, the procurement flow has come to an end.