1) Filtering

There are various filtering options supported to help you refine the result: 

  • Status
  • Cost Center
  • Supplier
  • Requestor: Can either search by employee or filter by department/working location/branch/country
  • Date Range
  • Purchase Order: Search PO with its ID

2) Manage Purchase Order & Save as Draft

  • To create, click on the button
  • To edit, click on the icon under the PO.
  • To delete, the button is inside the edit PO form. (Note: You only can delete draft PO)

  • Save as draft can be found in:
    • Create PO form(click button )
    • Edit PO form(click button )

3) Export PO as PDF

After the purchase order has been approved, you can export it as PDF file and print it out.

4) Process Purchase Order

  • To process, click on the "Process" link.
  • You can view the PO details.
  • Update the PO status here by the approver/admin/requestor. The action button returned is based on the PO's current status and user role. For example, only the approver can reject/approve. So, these 2 action buttons ("Reject" and "Approve") would appear to admin and requestor.

5) Timeline

  • From the timeline, you can find out the processing time, all employees who have involved in processing the PO, and comment if any.
  • Also, you will know the PO is still pending for which employees to do approve. Then, you may remind him to process the PO.