1) Launch to EasyWork Hub --> Navigating to sidebar menu and search for "Settings" --> Click "Procurement". It launches on the Procurement Settings page.

2) Click the "Add Cost Center" button to proceed.

3) Fill in the form details as below: 

  • Cost Center: Name of cost center
  • Currency: Currency used in this cost center
  • Budget: Budget allocated to the cost center. When exceeding the budget, a warning message will display to notify both the requestor and approver. (Tips: Put "0" to set unlimited budget)
  • Tax (%): Default tax applies to this cost center. This tax will be used for purchases by default.
  • Active Cost Center: By default, it is set to "Inactive". You have to toggle on it to set it as "Active".
  • Owner: Refer to the cost center owner. If no designated approval rule set matches the PO, it will be auto-assigned to the owner to process the PO. To learn more, click here.

4) Double confirm the details. Then, click "Submit" to create a new job.

5) Cost center created successfully. You could find it on the cost center listing.