There are 2 ways to prepare an offer letter by HR which are from the

Steps to Prepare Offer Letter on EasyWork Hub

1) HR launch to EasyWork Hub --> Navigating to sidebar menu and search for "Hiring" --> Click "Hiring" and select sub-menu "Candidates". 

2) On the candidate page, search the candidate and click "Process" to proceed. It will lead you to the candidate details page. 

3) Click the action button "Prepare Offer". 

4) It leads to a offer letter preparation form. Fill in the details required. 

The fields highlighted with blue are prefill based on the job offer request approved previously by the company decision-maker. You still allowed to edit it if needed.

CC & BCC: Optional. CC or BCC the employee(s) too in offer letter email sent. By default, a copy of the offer letter would be sent company representative and hiring manager(who requests the approval of the job offer). However, HR who preparing the offer letter wouldn't be included. If you want to receive it too, please CC yourself too.

Remarks: Optional. The comment put when preparing an offer letter.

Approver: The official designatory name issuing on the auto-generated offer letter. By default, the approver is getting from the Hiring Settings. You can change it to another person, it wouldn't update the approver set on hiring settings.

Appendices: The appendix attached together with the auto-generated offer letter. By default, it is getting from the Hiring Settings. You can change it, it wouldn't update the appendix set on hiring settings.

Benefits Package: The benefits package enjoyed by the candidate. It would be listed on the auto-generated offer letter. The benefits packages are linked to the packages in hiring settings. 

Select the 1 or multiple appropriate package(s). You can update or add package item too. 

After selecting the package, click "New Benefits" to add, fill title & value, and remember to submit. The changes make wouldn't update the package created on hiring settings.

Preview: Click to preview the offer letter before sent.


5) After done, click "Send Offer Letter" to issue the offer letter to the candidate email address stated in candidate details. 

Please note a copy of the offer letter will be CC to the company representative and Job offer request submitter(the hiring manager).

If you as the offer letter issuer who wish to receive the offer letter, please add yourself in the CC column.

Here is the sample of the offer letter generated: