Basically, the flow is exactly the same with how you submit other request forms like "General Approval" and do approval. Here is a quick revision of how to do it.

Submit Request Form

1) First, determine what is the category of custom form. For this example, "Approval(Others)" is under the "Approval" category.

2) Launch the app. From the home screen, click on the category "Approval" --> Click form "Approval(Others)" 


3) Fill in the details required and select approver & CC(if any). Then, click submit. 

4) Successful message returned and form has been created. A push notitification and email was sent to approver. Please wait for the approver to do the approval.

Approve Request Form

1) Approver would receive an email & push notification that he has 1 form request pending for approval. Click on the push notification.

2) The requst form details shown. To approve, click "Approve". Then, you may input a remark(if any). Finally, click "Done" to complete the approval.

3) The form status will update to "Approved". A push notification & email send to the submitter to inform that his application has been approved.