The Attendance Performance on hub is the same thing as what you could see it on the app.

It showcases the employee's personal attendance record. It can be taken as a reference to their attendance performance.

A few metrics have been used to measure performance. They are:

Attendance Metric
How to Score?
Present vs AbsentsShowcasing your present and absent rate
Clock in on that day, then you will get 100% present rate.
On Time vs Late Or Leave EarlyComparing attendance punctuality
Coming to work early or right on time, you could score 100% on time rate.

If you are late but clock out after working hours, or vice versa, then you shall get 50%. 

If you are late and leave early, you will get 0%.
Full Working Hour vs Short WorkingMeasuring working hours consistency
Shall get 100% if you work the full working hours.
Complete Working Day vs IncompletesMeasuring whether employee always forget to clock out or not
Always remember to clock in and clock out after work, then you shall get 100% of the complete working day rate.