You may wonder what is the difference between the attendance map on the website and the app? Let us tell you one by one.

(i) Attendance map on the website was able to showcase the whole company employees' clock locations. While you can only view a single employee's clock locations from the app.

(ii) Another difference is the admin can filter the clock locations based on the clock type: "Clock In" and "Clock Out". 

(iii) Unlike the attendance map on the app, where you can only zoom in/out the map, on website we allow you to view the full screen of the map (Click to toggle fullscreen view).


Under the “Attendance Map” screen, you will be able to see a few elements that will indicate your location upon clocking in and out. They are:

  • Green Dot    - Represents the moment you clock in

  • Orange Dot    - Represents the moment  you clock out

  • Clock Type Filter    - To filter location based on the clock type

You can mouse over each dot to check the dot is belong to which employee, clock time, and location.