The Hub Attendance Report could provide you a more detailed and powerful report that helps you make better decisions. Keep a tab on your employees with our Pro Attendance Report. 


  • Those companies that have already subscribed to Pro Plan or Small Business Plan and above, you can enjoy this Pro feature. 
  • Only the admin can view the report.

1) Attendance Summary: The multi-layer pie chart

- As the company admin, you may want to know who and the total number of times that should work or not.

Under the primary classification of the multi-layer pie chart, we have "Working Day" and "Non Working Day". We have further broken down it into sub-division to let the admin have a big picture among the absent metric how many are actually on leave or not working due to rest day/public holiday.

2) Attendance Behavior

-Attendance Behavior allows the admin to view a real-time attendance report. It shows the company's current attendance performance by displaying different types of useful metrics, for example, "On Time", "Late" and "Short Working Hour".

3) Attendance Report

-Without needed to generate the CSV report or check from the app from time to time, you can track absentees, late comers, early leavers, and employee's short working hours with a detailed employee attendance record.

4) Attendance Map

-The attendance map showcase the exact clock in/out locations of all employees. Nowadays, worldwide are suffered from the Covid-19 virus. Some companies would encourage their employees to work at home to support daily operations. With the attendance map, the HR can monitor whether any employees are working in an area that has been declared as the red zone(due to the outspread of Covid-19 disease) and shall do appropriate arrangements/helps for the relevant employees.


5) Employee Attendance Performance

-The Attendance Performance showcases the employee's personal attendance record. It can be taken as a reference to their attendance performance. Multiple metrics have been used to measure the employee's attendance performance, for example, "Present vs Absent" and "On Time vs Late or Leave Early".

6) Filters

-We have provided 4 main filters in the Attendance Report to refine your search. 

  1. Type of Attendance Report: To switch and view the Attendance Report either in Company view(all employees) or Individual view(specific employee).

  2. Date: To filter the report based on the selected date range.

  3. Search by username/email: To view selected employee’s attendance report.

  4. By Group Type: Refine based on the Group/Branch/Department/Location/Country. You can choose multiple group types. For example, Branch & Department. We would both the data from Branch & Department.