Visitors that are visiting your company either for business, sales or interview purposes can be tracked and logged by scanning the QR Code generated from Visitor Management feature. 

Assuming that you already know how to generate the QR Code (if not read this Visitor Management - Generating QR Code article), then here's how the QR code works and how visitors can use them.

Step 1:  Scanning The QR Code

  • Get your visitors to scan this QR Code with their mobile devices.
  • Visitors with iPhones can scan directly using their camera. 
  • Visitors with Android phones will require an app that can read the QR code. 

Step 2: Visitor Registration

  • User will be required to provide their name and phone number.
  • Email and body temperature is optional.
  • The data gathered here will be made available for admins.

Step 3: Contact Verification

  • An OTP will be sent to the visitor's phone for verification.
  • This step is to prevent false information from being provided by the visitor.

Step 4: Visit Check In Completion

  • This screen will be presented once verification is completed.
  • A summary of the time, location and name will be displayed.
  • To check out of the office, kindly re-scan the same QR code again.