Shift scheduling is very important for any organization to optimize resources & team. If your company has more than 1 shift, a tool to manage your employee shifts would definitely help to reduce the HR workload and always keep every employee updated about their shifts. 

With EasyWork, you can manage employee shift

  • With multiple, customized shift start + end date & employee slots
  • Choose repeating schedule - daily, weekly, biweekly, n days on / n days off
  • Assign employee slots
  • Employee can view all shifts assigned easily
  • Manage conflicted shift
  • Save shift as a draft and publish it only when ready

How to get this premium feature?

-Subscribe to a paid plan, either a Small Business Plan, Pro Plan, or Enterprise Plan.

-If you wish to have a trial, please subscribe to the Pro Plan. You would get a 1-month free trial. And you can always cancel the subscription during the trial period. NO CHARGE applied.

-To subscribe, please refer to EasyWork - Subscription - How to purchase a plan

Overview of the Shift Management Flow: From Create Shift to Generate/View Attendance Report

-It involves 3 simple flows:

  • Flow 1: HR create and publish shift
  • Flow 2: Employee Work based on the Shift
  • Flow 3: View/Generate Attendance Report

Flow 1: HR Create and Publish Shift

1) Create Shift

To create a shift, HR has to enter all the required fields: shift title, start date, time, select repeat/no repeat.

2) Assign employees

Tap "Select Employee" to assign employees. Or you may assign it after creating a shift.

3) Resolve Conflicts(if any) and Publish Shift

When it is ready, you can choose to publish a shift either during the shift creation or publish it from the draft saved. If conflict(s) found, you have to resolve it. After resolving, you may proceed to publish the shift.

4)(Optional): Update Shift or Shift Instance

From the shift calendar, click on the shift you want to update. After done, click "Update" to save the changes.


Flow 2: Employee Work based on the Shift

1) Employee Check Shift from the Shift Calendar

Click on the shift and a shift details would show. In this example, the employee has to work from 8am to 5pm.

2) Clock In & Out based on the Shift Schedule

Employee clock in and out with the EasyWork app as usual.


Flow 3: View/Generate Attendance Report

-We have integrated the shift module with the existing attendance report. You can check and generate the attendance record/summary as usual.

-When calculating the total working hours and generating attendance daily summary, we would prioritize the shift schedule over the personal/company settings.

1) Check In App Attendance Report

a) In App Attendance Record

-All employees can view their own personal attendance records and check their daily clock records.

-If you are admin, then you can view all employees' records.

-From this report, it can be used as a reference to measure the employee's attendance performance.

bIn App Real Time Attendance Report

-This report is a real-time Attendance Report. It is only accessible by the admin.

-You can click on the card to view which employees fall to that category card.

2) Generate Attendance Report from EasyWork Hub

-Admin can generate the attendance relevant from EasyWork Hub. How to go? Access to EasyWork Hub > Select "Reporting" from menu > Select date range and generate report > Download report("Attendance Clock Log" and "Attendance Summary")

-The shift relevant info would be available on the "Attendance Summary Report".