Hashtag reporting can be used for different purposes. Let us introduce one of the real usages from our users. They utilized this reporting to let their employees nominate and finalize the "Employee OF The Month(EOTM)". So, you may also call it Employee Of The Month/EOTM reporting.

Below are the sharing of how they held the program. We hope that through this sharing it would give you some inspiration for how to motivate and excite your employees.  Do consider to be the next company that carry on the same exciting program.

1) They circulate and announce the company employees that currently, they are having the "Employee Of The Month(EOTM)" motivation program by using the EasyWork Announcement(From Hub) or EasyWork Announcement(from App). They listed down some of T&C as below:

T&C for voting for your department members

- Each employee can nominate your department members for EOTM with a minimum of 10 EasyReward points & with the hashtag of #EOTM

T&C for voting for cross department members

- Your vote to cross department team members would be counted as twice 2x 

- You can do so with a minimum of 10 EasyReward points & with the hashtag of #EOTMCROSSDEPARTMENT


-Candidate with the highest total number of hashtag #EOTM and #EOTMCROSSDEPARTMENT would be the nominee of the month.

-The nominee of the month would receive the reward points/custom reward from the company.

2) Make sure the admin has assigned all employees into their department. Please refer to this article to learn how to add department & assign employees to the department: EasyWork Employee Management - Departments

3) Employee votes for the EOTM using the EasyWork Reward during the month. 

4) At the end of the month or beginning of the new month, admin shall go the EasyWork Hub to count and finalize the Employee Of The Month. https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/rewards/hashtag 

-From the hub menu, expand the "EasyReward" and click on the "Hashtag Reporting" to proceed.

5) You would see the Hashtag Reporting with the filters as below: *Select the "Date Range" to generate the report

*Select the "Hashtag" you want to calculate, for example, "#eotm"

*Select the "Min Point Required" to count as 1 valid nomination, for example, 10 points.

*Select the "Count Multiplier if Cross Department". In this case, you may put value 2. So the vote from the cross department team members would be counted as 2x.

6) Finalize the candidate with the highest total count of hashtag #EOTM and #EOTMCROSSDEPARTMENT. He/she would be the nominee of the month. And reward them as promised.

From the Table "Latest Standing", we would list all employees that have been voted as the employee of the month. The highest count would always show on the top. You can expand to view every transaction given to this candidate.

From the Table "Latest Transaction", it shows all the relevant give point transactions.