-Now, the admin can manage(view, create, update & delete) the reward products on the EasyWork Hub: https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/rewards . 

**EasyReward module only opened to the admin with the privilege "Manage Reward".


1) From the menu, expand the "EasyReward" and click on the "Manage Reward" to proceed. 

2) From the product list, click on the product name that you wish to delete.

3) Entering the product details page, click "Delete" button to continue.

4) Think twice before deleting because it is undoable. Click "Yes" to confirm the deletion. The product would disppear from the redeem product listing. 

Admin still can continue to do approval for the redeem request submitted before deleting product. And admin can get this deleted product's relevant transactions from the reports generted.