-Now, the admin can manage(view, create, update & delete) the reward products on the EasyWork Hub: https://hub.easywork.asia/dashboard/rewards . 

**EasyReward module only opened to the admin with the privilege "Manage Reward".


1) From the menu, expand the "EasyReward" and click on the "Manage Reward" to proceed. 

2) From the product list, click on the product name that you wish to update.

3) Entering the product details page, click "Edit" button to continue.

4) Update the details and remember to save it to apply the changes immediately.

Explanation for some specific fields:

*Available Quantity: 

-"0" represents sold out.

-If your product have sold out but now company have restocked it, you may update the available quantity to the desired amount.

*Redeem Point:

-The Point to Spend that employee must use to redeem the product.

*Max Allowable Redemption per Employee(Per Calendar Year):

-If set it to "Unlimited", employee can redeem the product as many as they wish

-If you set it to 1 for example, one employee only can redeem once per year.

*Product Visibility:

-Once TURNED OFF the visibility, the product would disappear from the redeem list and he is not allow to apply redemption on this product.

-For those request submitted before turned off the visibility, admin still can continue to do approval.