1. Tap on the “Claim” on EasyWork App.

  • From EasyWork's home screen looks for "Claim"
  • Tap on "Claim" feature

2. Select “My Approval”

  • You should be in the "Claim" feature screen right now
  • Above you will see  "My Submission", "CC to Me" and "My Approval"
  • Tap on "My Approval"

3. Select any item labelled "Mileage Claim" from the list.

  • In "My Approval" you will see a list of claims that you have submitted
  • The ones with "Mileage Claim" refers to the claim for your mileage travelled
  • Tap on the "Mileage Claim" that you intend to look

4. At the “Details” tab, tap on the location icon to view trip submitted by this claim request.

  • Once you have chosen the mileage claim that you wish to see
  • The above screen will be present
  • To check your details, just simply tab any of the options that are highlighted in red