You've just cancelled your subscription, you expect to reverts back to Free plan. Is it immediate?

The downgrade doesn't happen immediately after the cancellation. Depending on your previous plan's expiry date, the downgrade only happens once the previous plan's cycle ended.

  1. For example, you are in a Small Business Plan. 
  2. You've paid the current bill, and the next bill will only arrive in fives days afterwards. 
  3. You decided to cancel the Small Business Plan to reverts to Free plan now.
  4. So you will have five more days of the Small Business Plan's cycle.
  5. All the premium features remain with you.
  6. Until then, the downgrade will not happens yet.
  7. After five days, you check your Billing plan again, you will notice that it is now Free plan.

You can check out when will that happens in EasyWork Hub, Billing Overview(Sign-In Required).