When creating polls to let your employees vote, do you know that you can choose the participants?

In the Create Poll/Edit Poll screen, swipe to the bottom-most of the screen.

You will find a field for Participants.

Tapping on Remove All will instantly remove all selected participants from the list.

To add, taps on any icons within the field, which will lead you to another screen.

Create Poll > Participants Selection


Here, you can select/deselect the users that you want to include/exclude by tapping on the circle icon next to their name.



When your organization is large, you might have organized the employees into certain groups or so. In the same way, EasyWork allows you to group users into different Departments.

Instead of clicking on users one-by-one, you can instead include the whole department at once.



If you have multiple companies under your administration, you can allow only the employees of specific companies to participate in voting polls. Refer to this guide if you want to know how to creates a company in EasyWork.



If you want to allow only the participants who checked in the company event to participate in voting polls, you can tap on the "Event" tab and choose the event(s). 

Using the search bar on top of the screen can help you easily filter out the list of selections down to those that match.

And you can see an ongoing list of the currently selected groups/individuals under the search bar. Tapping the "x" on the items will help you deselect them.

After you have done selecting, taps the "Done" on the top right corner. You can see that your Participants in the poll have changed.