• To view an employee's clock in/out location more accurately, you can use the Attendance Map view. It will show the exact location where the employee check in/out. 

Home > Attendance > Document Icon (Top Right) > Map Icon (Top Right) - Green indicates clock in, while orange indicates clock out.

However, this option only allow you to check employee location details one by one. You cannot do it in bulk.


  • Another way to check the employees’ clock in/out location in bulk is by exporting the company report. You may refer to EasyWork - Export Your Company Reports for more details. You would get an Attendance report, in there you may see the clock in/out time and location for each employee.

  • To be more perfect in preventing employees from abusing the attendance feature, you may consider to use another method that is scanning the QR code to mark their attendance. the code is unique and will change every few minutes. In addition, only Superadmin or admin with the privilege to manage attendance can get this QR code. Thus it can perfectly avoid employees from clock in/out while they are outside the office. You may ask your employees to check in by scanning the code. For more details, please refer to EasyWork - Clock In/Out with QR Code Option