1. Launch EasyWork, tap on Leave (Pro). NOTE: This module is only available for paid users.

  • From EasyWork Home Screen
  • Select LeavePro

2.  Leave (Pro) screen top section shows three categories.

  • To check for personal submission, select “My Submission”. 
  • To check for submissions related to self, select “CC to Me”. 
  • To check for submissions that require your approval, select “My Approval”.

3. View Submission

  • On entering “My Submission” and “CC to Me” screen, there will be 4 category tabs, navigate through tabs to view respective submission reports.

4. View Details Of Submission


  • Tapping on one of the submissions will be redirected to a Timeline-Details screen displaying the approval timeline and the details of the leave submission. 
  • Reminder and cancellation of submission can be done on the Timeline section. 
  • May add extra comments on the Details Screen.

5. View Activity History


  • Select “View Edit History” from top right corner dropdown for editing records.