1. Launch EasyWork, tap on “CLAIM”. All the claim related submission are group into this module, including mileage claim, OT claim, and financial claim.

  1. At the top of the Claim screen, there are three categories. To check for personal claims, select “My Submission. To check for related claims, select “CC to Me”. To check for claims that require your approval, select “My Approval”.

  1. On entering “My Submission” and “CC to Me” screen, there will be 4 category tabs, navigate through tabs to view respective claims reports.


  1. Tapping on one of the claims will be redirected to a Timeline-Details screen displaying the approval timeline and the details of the claim. Reminder and cancelation of request can be done on the Timeline section. May add extra comments on the Details section.

  1. Select “View Edit History” from top right corner dropdown for editing records.