1. Launch EasyWork and tap on “MILEAGE”.

  • On your home screen look for "Mileage"
  • Tap on "Mileage"

2. Start Tracking


  • Press “Start” to begin tracking a new trip. 
  • All the status of the trip will be recorded including day, date, time and distance travelled. 
  • The tracking will still be ongoing if EasyWork is running on the background, but cannot leave the page during tracking.
  • To restart the tracking, press “Pause” and then press “Restart” to remove previous tracking details.

3. Completing the tracking

  • Upon finishing the trip, tap on “Complete” to stop tracking. 
  • A dialogue will be prompted to fill in the reason for the trip. 
  • Proceed to tap on “Ok” to save the trip or “Cancel” to save later.