EasyWork's Resource Booking Features allows you to manage your company resources for example meeting rooms, projectors, fun room and more. This feature will help you keep track of the bookings made by employees and also to make sure there are no double bookings. 

Step 1: Navigate to Resource Booking Feature

  • Launch EasyWork App > Home Screen > Resource Booking

Step 2: Choosing Your Booking Location

This screen allows you to choose your desired booking location. If your company has multiple locations, this is very useful to help admins keep track and manage.

  • Select Location that you want to book

Step 3: Add Resource Booking

Here you will have the options to choose the resources,time and day. If your job requires you to have a meeting using the meeting room every Monday, that options is available too

  • Choose resources that you want from the top select bar.

  • Click ‘+’ icon (top right) to add booking

  • Fill in the details of your booking. 

  • If you wish to make a repeating booking, choose the cycle from the Repeat options. And choose the "Repeat End" option. If you wish to repeat the booking without an end date, choose the option "Never". Otherwise, select the specific end date.

  • Click ‘ADD’ to save. Now your booking is successful and everyone in the company can see.

The app will prompt you with a warning message if a double booking scenario occurs.

If in any event your usage is more important, you can contact the person who booked to discuss the changes.