1. On menu item, tap Hiring feature

  1. Tap on the Offered tab to view candidates list that offer letters sent.

  1. At this point, Admin can choose the Withdraw Offer or Reoffer.

  1. If Admin chooses to Withdraw Offer, the candidate will not be able to sign the offer letter digitally. And the candidate will be removed from the Offered list and move to the Withdrawn list. (Please note: Once application has been marked as withdrawn, Admin is unable to re-do the action. To issue an offer letter, require go thru New job offer request creation and approval again. How does a manager create job offer requests and notify Admin?)

  1. If Admin chooses to Reoffer, another copy of the offer letter will be sent to the candidate email inbox. (Please advise candidate to also look into Spam/Junk box if unable to find the offer letter from inbox)