1. On menu item, tap Hiring feature

  1. You should be able to see your candidate on the pending list. 

  1. Tap on Prepare Offer Letter

  1. Set your company representative to add at the bottom of your offer letter.

  1. Add appendices to your offer letter. (Optional) (Please note: Only PDF file is allowed to attach)

  1. Review your candidate details. This information is retrieved from the Job Offer Request submitted.

  1. Add pre-set benefits into the offer letter (Optional). Please refer How pre-set package benefits based on job position?

  1. Tap on Preview to view offer letter summary.

  1. Tap on View Complete Offer Letter to see a sample of offer to be issued. (Please note: Appendices will also be attached following offer letter)

  1. Tap on Submit to issue the offer letter to the candidate email address stated in candidate details. (Please note a copy of offer letter will be CC to offer letter issuer, company representative, and Job offer request submitter)

Candidate name will appear in the Offered list.