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EasyWork's Resource Booking Features allows you to manage your company resources for example meeting rooms, projectors, fun room and more. This feature will help you keep track of the bookings made by employees and also to make sure there is no double bookings. 

Step 1: Navigate to Resource Booking Feature

Launch EasyWork App > Home Screen > Resource Booking

Step 2: Choosing Your Booking Location

  • This screen allows you to choose your desired booking location

  • If your company have multiple location, this is very useful to help admins keep track and manage.

Step 3: Choosing Resources, Day & Time

  • Here you will have the options to choose the resources, time and day.

  • The timeline view will show you if the resources is already being utilized, booked or free. 

  • If in any event your usage is more important you can contact the person who booked to discuss the changes. 

 Step 4: Booking Form

  • In order to book the resources, users will need to fill up this form

  • If your job requires you to have a meeting using the meeting room every Monday, that options is available too

  • If a double booking scenario occurs the app will prompt you a warning message

For Admins To Setup Available Resources & Location

Step 1: Navigate To Resource Booking Settings

Launch EasyWork App > Home Screen >   Company icon(bottom menu) > Resource Booking under Settings

Step 2: Resource List

  • This screen allows admins to add / remove location for example HQ Branch A, Branch B

  • Admins can also add / remove resources that is available for employees to book

Step 3: Adding Resources

  • Admins will have to use this form in order to add resources for employees to book

  • Resources available to which working location can also be done here