Welcome To EasyWork Guide

This is a guide for EasyWork's Leave(Pro). A more complex and advanced leave management is now available to help manage your employees better. Let us get started!


Step 1: Navigate to Leave Feature

Launch EasyWork App > Home Screen > Find "Leave Pro" 

Step 2: To View Balance & Apply Leave

  • Balance & Transaction - The place you go to view your yearly leave entitlement and balance 

  • Leave - This is the place for you to apply your leave. Make sure all required fields are filled up before submitting. 

Step 3: Viewing Your Leave Entitlement & Balance

  • From the Leave Screen tap on "Balance & Transaction"

  • This screen will show you all the types of leaves and also the numbers of leave that you are entitled in a year. 

Step 4: Leave Settings, Allocation and Customization for Admins

Home Screen > Side Menu (Top Left Icon) > Company > Leave

  • This function allows admins to configure different scenarios for entitlement of employee leave.

  • Admins may find numerous settings to play around with to achieve their intended configuration.


Step 5: Adding Leave Type & Duration

  • Here admins will find multiple conditions configuration that allows multiple scenarios

  • Admins may configure rules like Senior Staff gets additional 10 days leaves

  • Admins can also give allocate leaves by group or individual if required

  • Do give it a try!