Welcome To EasyWork Guides

Hey there! Welcome to EasyWork. This post will guide you on the basic setup of your company profile. 

Let’s get started! If you have not Sign Up or Registered an account, follow the steps below to get it done. 

Note: You need to register an account to proceed further.

In EasyWork Login Screen

  • For quick registration, use your Facebook account.

  • Choose Register / Sign Up to manually

  • Follow the instructions and get registered

Create Your Company Profile

  • Your user profile and company profile is two different profiles

  • You need a company profile in order to add you team members/staff 

  • Give you company a name, location and desired URL

  • Follow the instructions and create your company

Invite Your Team Members

  • Now let’s invite your team members

  • You have a few invite options, URL link, QR Code or Contacts

  • All invites will require the admin of the company to approve 

Sort Your Team Members Into Departments

  • You can group your team members into their respective departments

  • This will help in future action process like given rewards etc

  • You can perform this at Home > Side Menu (Top left) > Company > Departments

  • Name your departments, choose you HOD and add your members

Setting Your Company Working Time

  • Your company working time is the fault working time for all members

  • Home > Side Menu (Top Right) > Company > Attendance 

  • This time and day will be relevant to the Attendance Feature

  • Push Notification will be sent once Time and Day is saved

Setting Up Users Access Group

  • This function allows you to grant permission to perform actions

  • You might have a few admins or managers which  might require additional management functions

  • Home > Side Menu (Top Right) > Company > Users Access Group

  • Once allocated admins and managers can perform actions which is being granted

Basics Done!

  • You have gotten all the basic settings done

  • Now you can explore using other feature which can greatly improve your team productivity.