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Here you have a step by step guide on “Reward Points Guide – Set Points, Give Points and Spend Points".

Navigate To Rewards

Home Screen > Rewards 

Reward Home Screen

On this screen, you have the options to spend your points.

  • Spend Now - Spend points that you have accumulated.

  • Give Now - Give points to other colleagues with points allocated by admin.

  • Latest Reward - Summary of latest products for redemption.

  • Recently Rewarded - Live feed of those tho recently got rewarded.

Head To Reward Management Screen

Reward Home Screen > Top Right Corner Human Icon (To reward management)

  • This is the go to place for all reward management function.

Reward Management Screen

Here you will find all function that will help you manage your reward settings. 

  • Monthly Allocation - Automatically located certain amounts of points to give monthly.

  • Allocated Points - Give specific individual points to give.

  • Monthly Allocation Boost - Give certain group additional boost points to give.

  • Rewards Approval - Place to Reject/Approve redemption request.

  • Manage Rewards - Place to add/update/remove your product list.