Notes : 
To be able to perform the following actions, admins are expected to have privilege to "Manage Employee" and "Invite Employee"
* User Access can be configured in User Access Group at

To Invite Employee to join your company in EasyWork, visit Employee Management page at and click on the "Invite Employee" Button.  Upon clicking the button, a modal popup will appear, revealing two separate tabs : "Email" and "Invitation Link". Let's talk about the instruction of inviting via Email first before we move on to Invitation Link.

  • Invite employee via entering email manually
    1. Admin are only allowed to invite maximum of 5 email addresses at once. To do so, simply input the email addresses of the individuals that wanted to invite, if they already have an account in EasyWork, our system will automatically return their first name and last name in the respective input fields.  
      * Please allow some time for our system to verify and display the first name and last name.
    2. However, if the invitees do not have an account in EasyWork, admin are required manually enter their first name and last name. As this will help the admins to easily identify the invitees.
    3. By pressing "Add More" Button, a new row will be added. Admin can always remove unwanted row by pressing the trash can icon that is on the right side of the row.
    4. Admin will see a notification pop out on the top right corner of the screen when the invitations are sent successfully after clicking "Sent Invitation" Button. Invitees may check their email to accept their invitation to join the company.
    5. Unwanted row can be removed by clicking the "Trash Can" Icon on end column of the same row.

  • Invite employee via invitation links
    1. Admin will be able to directly access the invitation links if the company URL is set in Company Details Page at If the company URL is not set, admin are required to set it up first before accessing the invitation links.
    2. To distribute the links to your employee, simply copy them and share them with your colleagues. Invitation links are valid for one month before they expire, and they will automatically reset after expiration. If admin wish to manually reset the link, they can click on the "Reset Link" option.
      * Please be aware that resetting the link will render all previously shared links expired and inaccessible.
    3. Here's a quick tip to know which link to share to your employees. 
      If they don't have an account in EasyWork share the first link to them. Otherwise send the second link to them.

To manage Employee Join Company Request visit this page at

To Add / Invite employees to join company in EasyWork in Mobile App, visit this page at

If your employee are having trouble, you may advise them to read these articles below,

  • if they are using web browser :

Still having trouble? Reach out to our support team through submitting a ticket to or WhatsApp! 
Our support team will tackle your question or concern during our working hours : Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm (MYT)