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Step 1: Go To Company Settings and tap on Attendance

Home Screen > Tap on the Company icon> Enter Company screen > Scroll Down To Attendance




Home Screen > Top Left Corner (To Launch Sidebar) > Enter Company screen > Scroll Down To Attendance

Step 2: Set Late Buffer

By default, the Late Buffer is 15 minutes. Set to 0 min, for example, means that employees are expected to come to work on time when the working hours arrive.

Step 3: Set Company Working Hours for Admin

Changes can be done anytime and will remain permanent unless changed. 


  • (1), it is used to Enable or Disable the working days of the company

  • (2), Adjust company working hours by tapping the weekday to change. Tap on the time to update. 

  • (3), "Apply All" column: Once it has been selected, new changes will apply to all weekday that is enabled. Let say, you set the start working time to 9.00am. When click "Apply All", the start working hour from Mon to Fri would update to 9.00am as well. 

  • Remark: 

  • (i) Only admin with the privilege to manage attendance can update the setting.

  • (ii) Update company working hours would also apply to personal working hours too. However, there is an exception if the employee has updated his personal working time before.


  • For instance, his personal working hours are “8.00am - 6.00pm, Mon-Fri” & he also works half day on “Sat from 8.00am - 1.00pm”. When the admin adjusted the company working time, the changes wouldn’t apply to him. He is required to adjust his personal working time manually. You may refer to EasyWork - Attendance -Update employee's personal working hours